Matt B | Long Island, NY

”Maggie helped me plan a bachelor party for my little brother. While I had an idea of the general activities I wanted to organize, her experience with the different vendors, her ability to make suggestions and her scheduling efforts were invaluable to me. We ended up organizing a three day event that included a bar crawl, catered BBQ lunch, and a huge party barge on Lake Travis. Everything was great and went like clockwork. To sum it up, one of the guys said: "Without a doubt, that was a Top-5 weekend of all time." And we all agreed. Thanks BASH ATX!!!”

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Paige F | Charleston, SC

”We had the BEST time in Austin on my bachelorette party and BASH made that all possible!! We got to our beautiful house and everything was set up and ready for us to start having fun!! Pool floats, stocked fridge (none of us had cars, so this was so nice and needed), hilarious cut outs of my fiancé and dog, personalized cups, goodie bags, printed out itineraries so all 20 of us knew the plan, balloons, this list could go on and on... From that point forward, we didn’t have to worry about a thing!! We went to the most fun restaurants, bars, and boat ride and had such easy transportation set up so that we all got there safely and together. We truly saw the best of Austin and I felt so special the whole weekend with all my best friends :)! My sister, the MOH, said working with Maggie was a breeze and loved all BASH did to make sure 20 people could have a blast and worry more about partying than planning!!”


Mandy G | Austin, TX

”Maggie has genuinely has got this on lock. She thinks of every last detail so you don't have to - transportation arranged for the entire weekend, food, supes fun activities, think: pool floaties/games, aloe for the burns, PEDIALYTE POPS, the whole nine yards - and flawlessly executes the coordination of it all so your group JUST has to show up for a good time (...and we had a really large group). So so so happy with the result. The weekend was beyond phenomenal, the service was even better, and I will most def be using Bash ATX for any (ALL) future events. Really can't recommend enough for any party planning needs!”

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Peter R | Kansas City, MO

"Like all guys I was going into my friends weekend bachelor party with extreme expectations and little to no planning.  When push came to shove I called Maggie guidance because one realization became clear to me... No one wanted to take responsibility for the planning.  Within a week we had a full slate of goods that covered us from start to finish.  It was awesome not having to worry about plans, we were able to enjoy the weekend.  6th street rocks and Austin is an epic town!  Thanks Maggie!" 

Ali B | Cincinnati, OH

"When friends asks me for Bachelorette/Bachelor party advice in ATX, I send them straight to Maggie. 1) Because she is way cooler than me and 2) because she plans one hell of a party. Maggie really takes the time to understand who she is planning for, making each bash truly special and memorable. Whether it’s glamping, clubbing, bar crawling, site-seeing, barbecuing, Maggie has got you covered."

Alex McCarthy | Los Angeles, CA

"Maggie is a home grown Austin gal, who has been in the scene and embracing this city better than anyone for many years (I'm a witness). Any new happenin' spots or old original gems, she knows what's out there, what the crowd is like, when to get there and probably even has a friend or two on the inside. She'll let you in on the local secret spots or get you the lowdown of the famously fun, whatever you're looking for she's got it covered.

Trust her with making the plans, trust yourself with enjoying them and go have a BASH."


Mckenzy Windham | Austin, TX

"Imagine the most fun party animal mixed with your dream event coordinator.. That is Maggie. Not only will you want this girl to plan your bash, you'll want her to join in with you! Whatever your vision is, Maggie will take it and turn it into the most fun version! Attentive, dependable, creative.. The list goes on! Send your bachelor and bachelorette's to BASH, you'll be happy you did!"